Conflict - Who makes the independant test?

I was reading up on conflicts when i ran into a brick wall, how do i know WHO gets to roll when it’s an independant test.
Lets say that it’s an 1v1 conflict and it’s a Fight. Both the GM and the Player have chosen Attack. This resolves into a Independant Roll instead of a Versus Roll.

Is it the one that Attacks or the one that Getts Attacked that makes the Independant Roll First? And if the enemys disposition gets reduced before the other get his independant roll, does he lose?

It’s simultaneous. Both sides roll against the independent obstacle. It is possible for both sides to lose at the same time. If that happens then both sides accomplish their stated goals (although I still struggle with how exactly this can be applied to some situations).

But in the example in the book where he fights the snake, the snake gets to attack first. Does the Disponition damage apply at the same time after both have rolled their damage?

That’s right.

If the snake had scored one more success they would have both hit zero together. Lieam would be in big trouble. He’d still kill this snake to keep Saxon and Kenzie safe but at the same time the snake would kill the mouse so he won’t find he nest.

But I get confused in ties. I’d check the Death and Killing rules on pages 130-131. Seems that Lieam’s only mostly dead…

Edit: That last line is a Princess Bride quote by the way. In context it mean’s he’s actually alive but easily mistaken for dead.

Glug’s got it.