Conflict - Who strikes first?

When starting a Mouse Guard conflict how is it determined who (the enemy or the mice) strikes first? GM decides or simple success/failure roll of dice?

It is simultaneous.

Independent tests happen at the same time as other independent tests.
Versus tests both sides roll together and the greater margin of success prevails.

So attack against attack is independent: The mice roll 4 successes and the creature/season rolls 3 successes then the disposition of the creature/season goes down by 4 and the disposition of the patrol goes down by 3 at the same time.

If the mice attack and the creature/season defends this is a versus test and with the same example rolls the mice would have a margin of success of 1 and the creature/season would lose one point of disposition.


yep, you have to narrate the action as a collaborative effort.

but, GM rolls dice first (or senior mouse in case of PvP) and shows results to the opposing side. Players deserve to know the successes they are up against before rolling for their side. Or, in case of factors, the GM declares the Ob first.

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If it is one player guard mouse against a small snake, for example.
Both show attack cards - independent test.
The player and the GM(snake) roll together.
If player rolls high enough to clear the snakes disposition (killed in this example) does the snake’s successes still get applied to the players disposition?
Probably does not matter unless it causes the players disposition falls below 1…

Yes, you can have conflicts end in a draw.

If both sides are reduced to zero disposition in the same action, the conflict is a tie. Both sides accomplish their goals. This is a very dangerous outcome!