Conflicts in Town Phase?

After reading this thread I started doubting if a conflict can be triggered during Town phase. I couldn’t find anything that prohibits it, but one of the conflicts descriptors is that it consumes a turn, and the only turn-based phase is the Adventure phase. Also the Town phase description says that during the character’s new adventure hooks for future Adventure phases should develop, but also a lot of random Town tables entries are ripe with cool conflicts to play right there! Another problem I see is that having a conflict in the Town phase would make recovery and lifestyle more difficult, since it’s possible to gain conditions after a conflict.

Is there a rule that I’m not seeing?

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Seems legit to me! Remember: a conflict in the Town phase spins out of a check. So that’s already a cost. If a conflict winds up causing trouble, that just makes recovery that much worse. If you get ejected from the town, that’s that. (I feel like there’s a rule about saving checks from one Town phase?)

First, if you’re the GM, see Town Adventure on page 120. Obviously Town Events may dictate things, but otherwise try not to do anything adventure-y during the town phase. The characters are going to be beat up and need a chance to rest and reequip.

On the other hand, the players can push for a confrontation of some sort if they feel the need. All that falls under Personal Business on page 91. And, of course, they can choose to argue among themselves. See Player vs. Player on page 118.

So the general rule is “don’t push the characters into conflict during Town, but they can trigger conflicts as Personal Business”, great :smiley:

Does it consumes a check like in Camp phase or it’s al covered by the lifestyle maintenance cost of Personal business??

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The only thing you can use checks for in town is to get an advancement test from helping. It’s all covered by Personal Business. See Town Checks​ on page 23.

The only use for Checks in Town is to log an advancement test when you Help. There is no other use and you lose any leftover checks when you leave Town (“Spend Remaining Checks” pg 86). The Checks in Camp equivalent for Town is increasing your Lifestyle Ob for the Resource Test when you leave.

Great! Thanks for the clarification!

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DAHHHHHHHHH that’s Mouse Guard infecting me again with the two-phase structure.

The clear solution is imbibing intoxicants to the point of tabula rasa.

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