Confused about Conflict Type Skill Sets... Help?

The rules starting on page 111 and the table on page 113 lists a set of skills you can use in the different types of conflict. As an example, you can use fighter or hunter to Attack or Feint and nature or lore mouse to Maneuver or Defend when fighting an animal…
Yet, in the example on page 110, Lieam is using his Health to Maneuver against the snake, with no specific explanation … Why?

And couldn’t there be lots of situations where other skills could be valid in a conflict?
Using tamed bees in a fight could be apiarist, scientist to use chemistry in a creative way or even cook as a Defend action in a long and exhausting Journey conflict?
Is this the rules as intended or what am I missing?..

The examples are notoriously wrong :wink:

But, the conflict skills are not intended to be free-form. If you have a thing (trained bees?) in a Fight Animal conflict, give a +1D for having a tool, or use Apiarist to help another mouse on their turn. But, you don’t switch skills for the action on the fly.

Echo: the example text in red italic is often not a reference.

Also echo: the skills for actions in a Conflict should be static and concrete. the Helper Skills & Wises, Gear, Traits should be the creative contributions for action exchanges.

So this should lead a patrol to be cautious about initiating Conflicts, and also strategic about Conflicts. I’ve had groups that by luck or by planning happen to force a Conflict against foes without the proper Skills. My fave was an Obstacle I planned to have a Negotiation Conflict in which an Enemy would be well suited to the haggling and contend quite heartily for his side; the patrol took actions and made decisions which led to a Speech Conflict. The opposition had no Orator rating, and the lone patrol member had a fair Orator rating. It was a strong case against the opposing side and dice were on the patrol’s side too. It was a good scene and they were able to completely unsettle the opposition who lacked public speaking finesse.

If a patrol member has taken up Apiarist and hopes to use the bees as trained air support, the patrol should support by avoiding direct fights, and opt for plans which will support a test for the Apiarist skill rather than a Conflict. Or, maybe opt for a special conflict in which Apiarist is a key skill.

That’s just one example, but Scientist or Cook could prompt the same supportive patrol planning. If the player wants to really showcase the skill, have fellow players buy-in also to create tests specifically for those showcase skills.

Thank you, you have all been very helpful! The help and tool bonuses makes a lot of sense too me, awesome stuff, and I actually like the conflict structure a lot!
I just got confused about the example and started thinking about what it meant, if I could be loose with the skill set rules or not…
But yea, I found the example in the errata thread and it all makes sense to me again! :slight_smile: