contesty-like-thing that actually helps me in the long run

ok so my friends are confused on how to play (so many rules) and so i was thinking if you guys could help me explain by posting the basic rules up here? i know its asking alot, and thaqt i always ask alot, but…

How about you look at the character sheet, which has all of the basic rules on it, and you tell us what you’re having trouble with?

the character sheet doesnt really have all the ruls on it, it has dice rules and nature rules, i wish the book gave you like an actual LIST of all the rules, if that makes any sense…

It has basic dice, nature, rewards, conditions, conflicts and weapons. There’s not too much else.

Almost everything else is either GM specific, or is the explanation in prose of the shorthand on the sheets.

Fundamentally, what isn’t on the sheet:
How to write your BIGs… (Beliefs, Instincts, Goals)
How to earn Fate & Persona (some are listed, some are not; really the GM needs that info.)
How to generate characters (last chapter of the rules… bit much to include)
The explicit limits for stats (@Luke: which is why the dots not matching is an issue); Skills, Health, and Will of 0–6, Nature 0–7 (but if outside 1–6 at end of session, just became an NPC), Resources and Circles 0–10, Fate and Persona 0+, Checks 0+
The details on setting Obs, building missions, and conflict weapons other than for combat.