Convention Bling

I will be running Beneath the Three Squires at Dreamation (a fantastic gaming convention in New Jersey this coming February. You should go!).

So far I plan on using Litko’s 3d flame and smoke counters to track the party’s various flames (which sounds more like old girlfriends than intended).

I’m trying to think of other ways to pimp the table to make it look interesting. I don’t have the GMs screen because I’m a bad monkey, but I want the table to reflect the awesome that is this game.

Any ideas?


A goblet or coffer filled with metal coins or translucent gems to represent disposition points.

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I have a nice wooden grog mug and those cool shards from the Shadows of Malice boardgame. That way I can use green for the Kobolds, Red for the heroes and black gems for the Spider if she shows up.

Neat-o, thanks!

Here is a recent thread from the Google.+ group. Talking about lights and maps.