Conventions or LFG/LFP posts

Is there any plan to allow posts announcing conventions or trying to find players/groups to play BWHQ games?

I ask because I run a convention which regularly features Dungeon World, has featured Torchbearer and Burning Wheel in the past, hopes to include Mouse Guard in the future, and thought this might be a good place to find people to run/play those games.


I decided against it when I rebuilt the forum structure. Invariable, LFG or convention forums result in hopeful posts with replies of “sounds great, wish I could be there.”

We’ll announce when we’re going to be at conventions with our booth numbers, etc. But that’s all I can offer!

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Thanks for replying, @luke. I was just aiming to see people being able to boost awareness within the forum membership (and encourage play of BWHQ materials in public), moreso than stimulating discussion, but I get that it ends up cluttering things.

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