Converting a (really) long campaign to BWGR + Anthology


Now that everyone in my group has their full vaccine doses + booster, we’re restarting our long running game in-person. We’ve been playing the same campaign world since february 2011 if memory serves. A main campaign with 100+ sessions, a spinoff campaign with 80+ sessions, and 3 short 10-20 session long adventures exploring far away places in the same world.

Now we are debating whether going back to the main campaign and characters once more, or starting a new long campaign in the same world.

In any case, I want to include the new systems in the Anthology, mainly Factions, Immortal Investment, and War.

What would be the best procedure to adapt the old characters and setting? I’m thinking primarily about Factions. Should we be converting all Affiliations to Factions? What about reputations linked to those affiliations? (EDIT: Nevermind the “what about reputations”… I just re read the factions chapter)

In BWG “vanilla” p96 under “Gangs and Crews” it say you have to buy a relationship with the senior member or second-in-command if that’s you, but in Factions it says you enter as rank and file. How should we handle this, if a player wants to burn the head of a faction?

In the case of a chapter of a large national religion, I’m thinking we should create a 1D Faction for said chapter, and have it pledge allegiance to the national 3D movement. Would that be correct?


Hi Gonzalo,
I tried to make the new rules plug into the current systems as best I could. However, for ongoing campaigns like yours (and mine), you might need to do some on-the-fly adaptation.

But I recommend doing as little as possible—make small moves and adjustments as needed, rather than trying to sweep through your setting and create every faction, for example.


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