Cool book!

Just wanted to tarnish this pristine forum by saying how cool the MG book looks after a few flicks through the PDF!

Will start devouring the text this evening…

Another fine job BWHQ!

Very nice work, Luke. Very Nice.

I agree, very cool book. I am about 85 pages in so far - and loving it.

It’s looking and reading extremely well. I particularly like the podcast interviews you’ve given, which nicely put the design process in context.
Cheers gang,

Any chance on getting the pretty cover for the PDF?


Screen capture it from David Peterson’s Resolution will be low…

Wait until you see the real thing. It’s amazing.

The book (or rather pdf until i will get paperbook from IPR) is beautiful - layout, arts, fonts - its amazing. But what is more - you wrote one of the most user(mice?)friendly game I have ever read since... 2006 (guess what was previously ;) ). Its really cool that Mouseguard RPG is written both for younger and older players.

I just wanted to say how impressive the GAME is on first look. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the book is beautiful, too, (at least in PDF version – and I expect the physical book to be stunning), but I really admire how Luke (and his able crew) have taken the essence of BW an melded it with the essence of MG.

I like the change in tone in the writing. It’s not dumbed-down, but it significantly less smart-assed than BW, which is more in keeping with the tone of the MG comics.

I haven’t read through all the mechanics yet, but I really like how they look laid out on the character sheet. I think any game where you can get a good feel for the game by looking at its character sheet is almost always a good game.

I’m really looking forward to playing this with my son (who’s an often startlingly-intelligent about-to-be six-year-old) who LOVES the MouseGuard comics (even if he’s convinced himself that Conrad somehow survived his encounter with the crabs).

So far, it’s pretty much everything I hoped it would be. I can’t say anything more than that.

Thanks to everyone involved!

Now I have to go figure out how to make a Lieam cape for The Boy!

(and Daniel)

I have to work tomorrow but I can’t get to sleep I’m so wound up. I wanna play the game SOOO much!

I know it’s not BW Lite, but I can’t help but compare it to BW. I seem to be at loss for words I’m so psyched. The changes made from BW are exactly the kind I wanted for the system but couldn’t see how to make them. The streamlining, simplification and player-friendliness, everything. It’s amazing. Complexity-wise it seems somewhere between BW and TSOY, which is, again, exactly what I’ve been looking for.

I’d never even heard of Mouse Guard until 6 hours ago, and now I’m contemplating on how many MG comics to order at once (I’m a big fan of comics, fantasy, and incidentally, rodents!) The setting seems awesome.

I can’t wait to play it with my nephew and godson as well as my gaming group.

Thanks Luke, you’ve made me one helluva happy player!

Wow, six hours ago. Cool to have a new fellow fan. Good luck!

Beautiful book, wonderfully distilled mechanics, well-organized, looks like a blast to play.