Core Torchbearer Monsters Revisited

Will post more as I think of them.

Some of the images are resized for the forum. Right-click them and “Open image in new tab” for better reading.

These represent a step up in crunch, so you’ve gotta want that. But also, in my opinion, some increased tactical considerations and thematics.

(Since these are on the wiki, I assume it’s okay to post them. If not, I can just post the changes.)

In no particular order:

Ghoul changes:

  • Given 2 more specials.

Gruxu changes:

  • From the Peterson Bestiary.
  • Nature reduced by 1D. Conflict dispositions refactored.
  • Given 2 specials. Changed 1 special to be more general. Given Capture as an ambush conflict. Confict disposition distributions were swapped around.
  • A work-in-progress. He could do with a special weakness the players could find to cause his Chainmail to slough off.

Dire Wolf changes:

  • Given a special.

Hobgoblin changes:

  • Given 3 specials.
  • Given multiple loadouts.
  • Don’t throw them in large groups at the players – only 2 to 4 of 'em, maybe 5.

Orc changes:

  • Given 3 specials. Changed 1 special.
  • Given another loadout. Removed Shield.

Bugbear changes:

  • Nature reduced by 1D. Conflict dispositions refactored.
  • Given 4 specials. Changed 1 special.
  • Given Large Club weapon. Removed Polearm.

Tomb Guardian changes:

  • 1 new special, which isn’t my idea. It was originally proposed in this thread: Skeletons
  • Changed piercing and slashing to piercing and stabbing, and to be both Attack and Feint.
  • Given a -1D to their Flee conflict weapon.

Edit: Oh, and shoutout to Jared A. Sorensen’s Mutating Monsters thread, which inspired a few of these abilities.


Couple more.


Barrow Wight


Giant Rat

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