Corin the Brave, Dwarf Adventurer

Name: Corin
Stock: Dwarf
Class: Adventurer
Age: 35
Home: Dwarven Halls
Raiment: Beaten leathers, old boots, and a homespun shirt.

Parents: Falin & Morin Goldenhammer - armorers
Friend: Balmer the Guard
Level: 1
Alignment: Law

Belief: Bravery beats strength.
Instinct: Always have your friends’ back.

Traits: Born of Earth and Stone 1, Foolhardy 1

Raw Abilities: Will 3, Health 5, Nature 4
Town Abilities: Circles 3, Resources 0
Nature Descriptors: Delving, Crafting, Avenging a Grudge

Wises: Dwarven Chronicles-wise, Speech-wise
Skills: Armorer 3, Dungeoneer 3, Fighter 4, Orator 4, Scout 2, Laborer 2

Head: Helmet
Hands: Warhammer
Torso: Leather, Backpack, Rope (Does armor count as a slot? I’m assuming not, although that may be a dumb assumption.)
Belt: Pouch (2D of cash), Skin (Wine, Full)
Feet: Boots
Satchel: Tinderbox, Rations (preserved), Stakes and Mallet, Candle, Large Sack, Hammer

Corin is a loud, brash dwarf. Born with a golden tongue, he speaks up first and never backs down when a friend is in trouble. His family is poor and he is the fourth of six children, but he believes that with a brave heart, he can be a wealthy dwarf.