Coupla Fight questions

Came up in our Burning Airships fight with a horrifying troll lord last night.

  1. 3 on 1 fight. If one of the fighters cedes advantage (say, by Pushing), do we all lose the advantage to the troll? That would suck. :slight_smile:

  2. If the troll Strikes Culhir, can I Counterstrike him?

  1. only if you’re all helping each other position. If you’re each testing independently, then no.

  2. As in if he attacks someone else? No. Defense actions in BW are personal. If you want to protect your friend, tackle the troll or kill it outright.

  1. No. Your position is your own.

  2. That wouldn’t fly at BWHQ, but it’s your call.

Cool, thanks.

So, that seems sensible, but what happens when we all Vie afterwards? Culhir has ceded his advantage to the troll, but Lunir and Derelion haven’t. Does the troll roll his +1D for his mighty mattock vs. hands (+2D, but knocked down to +1D for 3 on 1), but only use that die when comparing his result to Culhir’s?

That is what I’ve done in the past. I’m sorry it’s not explicit in the rules text.

Okay, cool.