Court Soldiers

I was wondering how people saw the Court setting “soldier” lifepaths (Court Armiger, the courtly version of Lord-Pilot Anvil, and the Court Hussar)?

Are they foppish dandies with pretty heraldry?
Are they scheming dandies with pretty heraldry? (like the Praetorian Guard)
Are they skilled and (almost anachronistically?) professional? (such as the mamelukes,kapikulu, or the scholae palatinae)
Are they ‘all of the above’?

What’s your gut instinct, John? I’ve played them as all of the above over various occasions.

Rulebook lifepaths swing either way; Court Hussar seems more flash than dash.

I am pro-professionals since I am digging the Gonzagin Austerity as being sort of Roman-flavoured and think that Court Anvil has got to be some kind of Praetorian/scholae palatinae thing. I’m imagining a successful bovver-boy who becomes the (Anvil) Lord of the Schola.

And that is cool.