What can i really do with Craft-Wise?
Is this just really general knowledge about a bunch of different crafts? Like “While Masons and Sculptors both work with Stone or Bricks, they actually do really different things”?
Meaning, i can’t really fork it in every time someone builds something? What should i be able to know with this skill?

I think the book encourages you to make your own interpretation but, were I GMing your game, I would restrict that to the realm of arts-and-crafts like things. Quilting, crochet, jewelry from pre-made pieces. That sort of thing. You don’t necessarily know how to do those things, but, say… you could actually tell the difference between a crocheted piece and a quilted piece.

Given that the only place I can find this skill listed is under the Elven Novice, that makes some sense.

You know about craftsmen and their crafts. Details about specific crafts get higher Obs, of course, but you understand the mindset, the market, and the nitty-gritty of business generally. You can tell good work from bad. And so on.

What lifepath?

Elven Novice.

Could it be, that this is not Craft-Wise but choose one specific craft-Wise?
So that i could have Stoneworking-Wise or Mosaic-Wise etc. ?

However i figure the Novice is kind of a glorified intern. Spending 1-2 years at different Craftmasters and cleaning up their stuff, repairing their tools etc. They pick up general knowledge about Crafts but nothing specific.

It’s referring specifically to the Elven -craft skills.