Crafting Armour

I am hoping to get some clarification on if light armour and heavy armour can be crafted with put the heavy or heavy and cumbersome factors with a successful armorer roll. I know this has been asked before, but the direction to see the armorer skill doesn’t help clear up my confusion as my issues arise in the weapon section.

In the weapon section, all the other armorer factors are listed in italics. This is what makes it clear to me that you could craft an axe with the deadly factor that doesn’t suffer from being slow. However, light armour and heavy armour are the names of items that don’t contain italicized factors named light armour or heavy armour specifically. As such, one could interpet it as all light armour or heavy armour having all the bonuses and penalties listed under the names, or it could be that these items simply suffer from flaws in there crafting, and as such, it could be possible to craft non-heavy and non- cumbersome armour.

So is it option 1, all armour suffers from these penalties, or option 2, it is possible to craft armour that is free from these penalties?


Armor is built as is.

Thank you for the clarification!