Crafting Conflict


i am writing a Con-Scenario right now and it will be about establishing a new settlement for the poor mice of port summac whose home was destroyed in a heavy spring thunderstorm. The most part will be about the journey of the caravan to the place but in the GMs turn they will have the chance to help build the settlement.
In this case a crafting conflict could be cool i think.

Attacking is just building stuff. Mason, Smith, Laborer, Carpenter - those kind of skills
Defend is taking a bit of time off to relax again - Cook or Brewer maybe could be a health test too mmhh
Manuveur is having a good plan and is used with Scientist, Administrator, Weather watcher(?) Orator(?)
Feint is building something that may not be as sturdy but can be enough. Crafting skills again? I am not sure with this one

The enemy would most likely be summer.
Have you run a crafting conflict before? Do you think this would be the right way to handle the situation or should i just make them roll individual rolls?

You might want to add survivalist to the defend, and keep in mind, that if they’re foraging for food (since the town doesn’t exist except maybe in tent-city format) that tapping nature is acceptable, or just straight up testing nature might be allowable as well.

That’s all I saw, that rest of it looks really good. I figure that orator probably does fit under the maneuver category, as you’re helping to organize the mice that are helping to work.

Feint. That’s a good question. Maybe that’d be a good place to put weather watcher. Basically catching the weather off guard as the case is?

To make this an effective conflict, I think you need to zoom in on the action. Is this supposed to represent a season-long struggle? You’d be better off coming up with a specific threat (e.g. rising waters from the spring thaw, a spreading summer wildfire) to the new settlement and picking one or two skills per conflict action that the patrol can use to combat this danger.