Crafting torches

Apologies if this has been discussed and I missed it, but I’m curious how you all would address PCs wanting to craft torches in Camp. This seems like it would be a Survivalist test, but I’m not sure what the base Ob would be, and how many torches one might be able to make.

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Emergency tool-making is an Ob 3 Survivalist factor (Dungeoneer’s Handbook, p 175). I’d go with that. You could add an Evil GM Factor if conditions are bad, or give them +1D if they have something they can use in the crafting (tear up a cloak and soak the strips in lamp oil? etc.)

As for the number, that comes down to the description/what materials they have at their disposal to craft with. Could be 1 if they’re in really dire straits. Could be 4. Could be 8 if they’ve got a lot of stuff to work with. Let the description and fiction dictate.

If they have access to lots of trees and dried marsh grasses and such, the sky’s the limit. If they’re in a barren cave and have only what they packed in with them, then they’re a lot more limited.


This is exactly the kind of answer I was hoping for, thank you!

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