Created a FON

So I burned up the Invasion FON (hulled), gave him 9 LPs and capped his Skills at 7…and it seems like a lot? Or am I just more used to BW power levels? That looks like a really big skill list? And woe to the PC that engages in DoW, even tagteaming looks like it’d be really, really difficult?

Background, Aquos is a High Index void world that is primarily water with most of the population living and working in marine arcologies along with orbital/near space manufacturing of capital ships. We are starting in the Usurp phase, disposition came out 43-34 in favour of Vaylen (GM side). Three players have BW experience, two are complete noobs. PCs are mostly 8 LPs (including a Hammerlord, experienced BW player) although there is one 7 LP (an Anvil lord) and I maybe a second (crime syndicate).

Invasion Figure of Note, Vaylen: Forged Lord Karso (Hulled)

Lifepaths: Vibhuuten Naiven, Sleeper, Dilettante, Princess, Prince, Scientist, Diplomat, Commander, Captain


  • Boots on the ground are needed to finish an invasion, I must gain control over an Anvil force on Aquos.
  • <pending completion of PC BITs, likely something to do with the Hammerlord>
  • <pending completion of PC BITs>


  • Bring in line those that question my AU-THOR-i-TEEE!
  • Never be without a sweet treat on hand, lollipops are best.
  • Surround myself at all times with only my most loyal personnel.

Resource: 16 – a few points will be spent for a wizzbang super-high index scrambling comm system and a nice cushy ship with Zero-G living quarters for Kurso…but isn’t this just a plain scary Resource Attribute?

FON (Usurp) Leader of a Civilian Security Corp who intends to increase business by destabilizing
Vaylen Military Physician (likely 7 LP), the original infiltrator that hulled Karso (2 pnts)

3D War Hero, Led an underdog fleet that crushed a Vaylen Armada (prior to being hulled)
1D Tough but loyal to troops (tie-in to Kilgore trait)

3D Hammerlord, well run troops

Wi: 8
Pe: 6
Po: 3
Fo: 4
Ag: 6
Sp: 4
Circles: 4
Circles Reserve: 4

Vibhuuten Clan, Unassuming, Cosmopolitan, Peacemaker, Handsome, Calculating, Well-Traveled, Usurper, REMF, Hammerlord (3D Affiliation), Officer, Charismatic (Oratory), Kilgore

Bargaining 6
Close Combat 4
Command 6
Conspicuous 4
Cryonics 3
Etiquette 3
Explosives 3
Extortion 4
Falsehood 4
Folklore 3
Foreign Languages 3
Inconspicuous 5
Interrogation 6
Intimidation 7
Journalism 3
Law (League) 3
Logistics 7
Mummery 3
Oratory 4
Persuasion 7
Physical Training 2
Physics 3
Science 3
Sleight of Hand 3
Smuggling 4
Soothing Platitudes 5
Strategy 7
Ugly Truth 4
Zero G 3

Anvil Lord-wise 3
Back Room Deals-wise 3
Body-wise 3
City-wise 3
Clan-wise 3
Conversation-wise 3
Distortion-wise 3
Drug-wise 3
Faction-wise 3
Forged Lord-wise 3
Hammer Lord-wise 3
Hammer-wise 3
Insubordination-wise 4
Interdiction-wise 3
Leader-wise 3
Phenomenon-wise 3
Security-wise 4
Spaceport-wise 3
Space Station-wise 4
Technology-wise 3
Tension-wise 3
Traitor-wise 3

9LPs and a cap of 7 seems crazy-high to me. I assume this is a GMFON – do the PCFONs get the same caps and LPs?


This is a GM FON. PCs are 7-8LP, the one that is space borne is 8LP (he is likely the Invasion FON). They were still finishing off theirs when I had to leave the session for prior commitments, and they haven’t forwarded their completed PCs yet. All 3 Beliefs for each PC weren’t solidified yet (yeah, I know that’s step 2) but their concepts were in place.

Their Skills are capped at 6 LP. I’m just wondering how often the option to raise the GM cap by one is used?

EDIT: I did plan to keep the other GM FONs to 8 LP and capped at Skill 6, the idea is this guy is the marquee puppetmaster.

Yep looks prety powerful - but not too much out of scale I’ve seen in some of my own burnings.

In my experience I would drop some of the wises, and to bulk up some of the remainding wise’s to 5’s - being able to supply 2D for help to the other GM FON (especially for the manover rolls) can make a big difference. Even though this guy has a bredth of many applicable skills, in many cases justifying the help with a wise is easier than for another skill.

I think he looks great! Chris is right, he needs Wises at 5s.

Good point, I really don’t want to dig into the other skills so I shortened the Wise list a lot. I am loath to give up Mummery or Sleight of Hand, DoW would seem so boring otherwise. :wink: I think this should give a decent base to pull some +2D from. I even put in a 6 incase I want to screw a little with PC to PC communication or mess up the PC Hammerlord’s ships (yeah I know, play nice :rolleyes: ).

Anvil Lord-wise 3
Back Room Deals-wise 5
Drug-wise 3
Faction-wise 5
Forged Lord-wise 3
Hammer Lord-wise 3
Hammer-wise 3
Insubordination-wise 3
Interdiction-wise 6
Leader-wise 5
Security-wise 3
Spaceport-wise 3
Technology-wise 3
Terrain-wise 5

You’re missing Tactics!

Artillery and Vehicular Weapons would help, too.

Boost Hammer-Wise to 5. Technology-Wise would be a good one to raise as well.

edit: Hammer-Wise is good for Firefights In Spaaace! and Tech-Wise will allow you to Help with Sensors for Contact.

Tactics? That’s for people that think small! He’s got people for that…hrmmm, I had thought he had Circle-less access to Tactics NPCs but apparently not. It’s not on his LP Skill list either because he didn’t come up through the Vaylen military. Anyway puppetmasters don’t show up on the battlefield. They hull people to do that for them, that’s what Doc “Drill To The Head” is for. :smiley: I had planned to Circle a First Officer to run battles if/when that comes up.

EDIT: Then Forged Lord Karso pumps “Ride of the Valkyries” through the intercom system, barks out “double rations of lollipops and a 3-day shore leave for the frag of an enemy officer”, and it’s all good. :slight_smile:

EDIT2: Although maybe it would be a Skill to work on openning for next phase (if we play it, we might just play Usurp). With his stats learning a new Skill isn’t too bad at all.