Creating a new magic item, and I need professional opinions...

We just started a Torchbearer run, likely playing till everyone reaches level five.

I’m think ahead a bit, about a magic item. I want to create kind of a “defending sword” style magic blade.

I thought I’d define it as having the normal sword benefits PLUS, like a bow, it would turn attack against attack into a versus test in conflict. The way I see this, the bow’s ability to do that is defined as keeping your opponent at bay with hails of arrows. This would be a sword capable of keeping your enemies at bay because Magic!

So, my question is this: could this be considered a Level 2 magic item? I’m on the fence. I think that feels right, but I’d like the opinions of those that’ve played the game for a while.


My gut is saying this is a level 3 magic item. Things that change rules and aren’t limited by anything are pretty potent, especially considering that the Sword is one of the more powerful weapons in the game. You could limit it to once per conflict and I would call that a level 2 item.