Creating new character

Just starting out with Torchbearer. I am creating a Elf Ranger. I see that an Elf is proficent with a bow long sword and dagger, but I start out with a dagger. Now here is the oxymoron question. Can I outfit myself with a bow and quiver, or do I start out with just a dagger?

Just a dagger :). I know its harsh but Elves are strongs anyway.

Luke Crane himself has said on a video that I watched, “cheating elves!”

Yep, gotta find or buy yourself a bow.

Careful readers will note that a quiver is well worth carrying, even in the absence of a bow. And it is on the starting gear list.

Have the halfling choose a bow at character creation. Trade it for your dagger.

That is interesting. Didn’t catch that.

Making a bow is an Ob 2 Armorer test…

I took your advice and bought a quiver. Found a bow in my first game. Plan to play again at Conquest Avalon in Sacramento, CA