Creative Mission Generator

Get your GM juices flowing with a one-of-a kind generator YOU can make!
things needed:
~Microsoft Excel or good substitute
~ These codes


in column “A” write goal options (ex:chat with, talk about,fight,ask,help,find)
in column “B” write to/with whom they will be doing the goals with (ex:mentor, enemy,messenger,town folk,service owner,friend,Guard Capt.)

In box of your choice, put the first code
To the right of the box you chose, enter second code

Now you have a prompt like “find service owner.” As GM, simply build around it!


Any chance of making a public Google Doc that does this? I don’t know how much of the coding it supports yet, though…

c1 and d1 are the prompt locations, to refresh highlight those two and click $ or % alternating


Publish it–I can’t access without permission; and Publish is easiest for a public (i.e. anyone can view) Doc.


#EDIT# does not refresh… Do you have Excel, David? or Open Office? I can attach the file…

Sounds like a fun thing to help creativity a little when I run out of it sometimes. If you have an Open Office version I’d love it (or non-XML-MS Office version since I think that can be opened in both MS Office and Open Office).
Shift/Ctrl/f9 will give a new prompt