Cripple a PC

Apologies for this, but I’m always thinking about how I can stretch and play with rules to emulate whatever fiction I’m currently reading!

Is there any way to model crippling wounds in Torchbearer? Losing an arm or an eye or something like that, something short of Dead but more permanent than Injured? I’m thinking this could perhaps be a compromise on a Kill conflict, or perhaps a twist on an existing condition for a really bad failure?

Injured plus a trait like One-armed, Disfigured or the like?

Discussed and answered here:

[i]Thor Olavsrud: A proposed hack we’ve been noodling with for a while:

If you lose a kill conflict, but earn a major compromise (New option by way of Mouse Guard 2.0)
You are killed but you maim your opponent—chopping off an arm or leg, or otherwise doing permanent injury. The maimed character must immediately take a Level 1 trait to reflect the new status![/i]

Also, lose a hand slot (if a hand) and suffer an Evil GM factor where appropriate. I’m also guessing magic boots wouldn’t work if you had one foot — paired magic items (gloves, shoes, bracers) might only work in pairs.

In Wanderers, Outcasts & Exiles, I added a hook hand weapon that replaces a lost hand.