Crocodile, Giant

I plucked this from The Temple of the Frog.

Giant Crocodile
Order of Might: 4
Swimming, biting, floating motionless.
Nature: 5

Kill 12
Drive Off 9
Flee 5

Powerful Jaws - Attack +2D
Scaly Hide - Defend +1D

Instinct: Float motionless in the water resembling a log until someone is close enough to bite.

Special: If the crocodile is engaged in the water, if someone loses hit points to the crocodile’s jaws they are caught in the crocodile’s death roll. All disposition loss is taken from that individual until they are knocked out of the fight or a successful defend action is made against the crocodile breaking the death roll.

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The death roll is great!

Needs to make a clock sound.