Crystal Caves of Chaos

Note: once we have the rules I intend to set this up as a more traditional module format until then you just have my notes:

Background: The crystal caves of chaos exist in the heart of a mountain that is pure blue crystal. As long as it is daylight the interior is totally illuminated. The interior is squeaky clean and has the appearance of tinted blue glass. There are no cracks or seams in the interior what so ever. The monster who lives here is Barry Wight, and he is the dead body of an ancient magician. The wight developed his own personality after the wizard’s personality was trapped in a Magic Jar.

NOTE: the players will find that there is not a spot or speck of dust upon the entirety of caverns, top bottom or sides. In fact if they stay around long enough they might even find that some of the hallways are slightly moist. This is because the entire cavern is cleaned by the Gelatinous Janitorial Service of Greater Monrovia. There is a chance that the players will encounter the two gelatinous cubes as they go about their chores.

Getting In: The players will clearly see a door way to enter through and door handle on the right side of the door. They will also see their reflection. when they go to grab the door handle the door will not open. In the mirror they will see themselves grabbing the left side of the door. If they reach to the left side of the door they will find another door handle and it will quietly open the door with a slight hiss and rush of smooth sweet air.

t in east hall way: pit trap. Step on it and fall. totally smooth interior.

t in north hallway: closing wall trap. any weight here will cause the floor to sink and the walls to close in. In addition to that, a thin “glass wall” will appear on the north and south entrapping any who are in this square.

1: Joruus’ Laboratory: This is the entrapped wizards lab. In here is the essence of the wizard, entrapped in a small gem that resides on the work bench on the east wall. In the center is a large stone slab of rock that served giant work bench. Upon the wall work bench is a small book case running the lenght. A variety of books sit here, and a curious purple gem as well. The gem houses the soul of the Mad Wizard Joruus. He put himself into this gem, then was not able to get back out. Any players who touch the gem run the risk of being possessed by him.

2. Flame War Room: This room contains a nice oak desk in the center and 10 chairs surrounding it. Upon the table are various small orbs in various geometric shapes. Old pencils a pile of papers. The room smells vaguely like macaroni and cheese and hotdogs. It is quite warm in the room. The walls to the south and west are nothing but giant book cases full of the same book different editions. From edition 1 to edition 7. If any player touches any of the books there is a loud thump as the books start falling off the shelves screaming at each other and the players about why their edition of the game is better than any of the other ones.

3. Puppet Room of Doom: On the door of this room is written these words: All Who Enter, Splinter. This is a puppet theatre not used in a long time. the wooden benches that lead up to the stage are dry and brittle. on the wall hang a variety of wooden puppets in various sizes. Some of them have no strings. They are wood golems. When players are around them one of them will say creepily “I want to be a real boy” and attack. The secret door in the back is for the stage hands. It can be found behind curtains that are barely present due to rotting.

4. Wight Castle: They say a man’s home is his castle. Well this is Barry Wight’s home. He rarely leaves. No need to, dinner often comes to him in the form of adventurers. He is the dead body of Joruus. Joruus got stuck in a gem, and eventually his body gained a life of its own. After centuries of being here, he even formed his own personality. Now he entertains those who come to visit him before he steals their life force. In the desk there is some treasure. And in the bed to the south there is as well. The mirror in the north corner has some powers (?) and the book case in the north western corner has some good books in it too. Barry isn’t partial to fighting (or gold) so as long as the adventurers let him snack on a one of them he will gladly let them ransack the place. After all its been such a long time since he had elf. Yum.