cult churches and the Theocracy Lifepaths

If I’m playing a member of a Cult Church, it says I just take the appropriate Theocracy LPs, and my Doctrine skills will simply be Heretical or Cult. However, if I want to be Born in that setting, then I’d have Born on the Wheel as a Trait, which doesn’t seem to make sense. Should I just modify it to Born to the Saltwater Depths (we worship a Kraken à la China Miéville’s novel of the same name)?

Well, a heresy isn’t a new religion, it’s an off-shoot of an existing religion.

If you want to be a true cultist…make up some lifepaths!

What about having Born on the Wheel voted off as a result of play?

Seriously? There are rules for that? Damn… never realized. So much work!

And yes, we’re definitely a non-BW religion, not just a heresy.

Not feasible I’m afraid. I’m supposed to start game as the military head of this religion.