Culture traits, what are they good for?

Ok, guys, simple question:

Why do culture traits have costs, although they don’t have any ingame effect, IIRC?
Why would a player choose a culture trait over another trait that gives an ingame effect?


Or am i missing something out?

Best regards

p.s.: Sorry, if i’m asking a dumb question, i’m still new to the game, just reached character burning.
But still, BE looks like a really great game, and i’m quite eager to play in few weeks…

They’re good for earning Fate.


Character traits are awesome. They’re a role-playing tool. By playing your character traits (including cultural traits) you give your character more depth and color, and help everyone else get further into the game.

As a reward, if you play your character traits hard and the story takes a new direction because of it, you’ll earn Fate points. Really make the entire table feel it, and you’re sure to be voted for the Embodiment award.

Thx for reminding me of the fact i forgot about:
Playing character traits earns fate artha.

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