Custom Tuck Boxes


After opening up the boxed set I realized that it needed some custom tuck boxes for the included cards! I used Craig P Forbes’ Super Deluxe Tuckbox Template Maker to make the templates and then did some Photoshop work.

I want to send a special thank you to whoever decided to put a Colophon at the end of the book so I knew to look for the Ringbearer font.

Also, I’m happy to share these files with anyone, I just don’t know the best place to put them up for download. I submitted them to but they are slow with the approval process.

Note: there are two action decks. I gave the GM 5 sets and the player 4 sets of cards. Since I’m new I have no idea if this will help or not…

Wow! That’s beautiful and impressive. And that template maker, I’ll sure give that a spin. Thanks!

You could just upload the files to mediafire. I certainly wouldn’t mind saving myself some photoshop work

Good Point Tensen01! I uploaded the PDFs in one zip file:


I’ve tried out the template maker, and made 4 boxes of varying sizes. I’m quite happy with the results. One thing that was a bit frustrating was that the template seemed to have problems with giving exact output on the measurments I plotted in. This was most prominent when I used decimal numbers. Maybe it’s not possible to use more than one decimal? When I used cm (which I prefer, european as I am) the measures given on the template was in inches with impressive array of decimals. But when I tried to adjust the numbers slightly(in cm) it would sometimes give the same measure in iches as previously.
And I’ve been questing bookstores relentlessly for paper and cardboard of the right thickness.

These are awesome DL them now. =P

What type of paper did you use to print them?