D&D Hack, It had to be done. Soon!

I don’t know if there is one available but I am currently working on a D&D Fantasy Hack for Mouse Guard. I’ve read the Mouse Guard book a few times and have looked at the works of the Realm Guard Hack. I think this is too good of a system to not be able to play within the D&D multiverse. I have played “that other game” since 1996 and have been dissappointed with the most recent renditions of roleplaying that is involved (to include almost none, it’s now a tactical game where you control one chess piece), needless to say I enjoy the settings and am going to put together a D&D/Mouse Guard Hack. I have looked at a few different options for Nature and also at Magic options. I think what I’ve come up with will be an easy system (with the ease of Mouse Guard) for both the GM to run and the Players to play. I’m going to try to finish the first version within the week and will post it then. Feel free to leave some comments regarding your interest but all conversion suggestion comments would be preferred after the release.



Good luck. I’d love to see what you are working on for Nature though. That’s usually the stickiest part.

I’ve decided on Nature (humanoid) but am still solidifying the descriptors. I’m going to do the races in the Traits section, that way everyone will have the same Nature. I read Luke’s posting on Hacking Nature so we’ll see. I worked on more last night so am still hopeful for a release within the week.

Sorry, still not done but when its finished I will post it in a new Thread. I’m working on it though, I just have a lot going on right now. Can someone please tell me how to attach it? Or do I need to put it on a hosting website like Mediafire?

I posted my custom tuck boxes using Mediafire. I too am very curious how you will do magic!

I’m just curious, what does it matter if everyone has the same nature? So long as you don’t have any natures significantly overpowered, it should all wash out right? I mean an elf (free spirit, woodsy, Bow slinger) has a different nature then a a dwarf (Earthborn, hammer wielding, craftsman) right? Just so long as the natures don’t promote disrupting game balance like elf: Aware, epic warrior, continual badass and dwarf: class clown, butt of all jokes, and fights like a girl.

Also, if races are to be played out through traits then all dwarfs would not be short, it would be the rare dwarf who is short. Because the player would have to choose to be short in order to use that trait. Just like an elf, human, or half orc.

I wonder if you could expand the hometown part of recruitment and allow for more traits. To do this, you’d have to make sure that all the selectable traits were fairly equal. Unless you want to naturally have players choosing to be humans (because supposedly they are the most common race), in which case you’d give humans better selection possibilities.

Anyway, your hack, just some food for thought. I am crazy interested on how you break it down.

Nature: making, trading, gathering, warring

What about each player getting a trait corresponding to their species/race? For instance you might have the trait Elf, which might work for or against you depending on the situatiuon.

I like the idea of a different nature for each species race, but you could also do Nature as the Class modifier. So you have nature (fighter), nature (rouge), and trait (Elf), trait (dwarf).

Also see this old thread thread.

I agree, a different nature for each race is ideal. It is one thing that makes Lord of the Rings so intriguing: “What business does an Elf, a Man, and a Dwarf have in the Riddermark?”

Basically what purpose do people with different natures have being in a group or party? This is a major theme for D&D that quickly gets swept under the rug so that we can get to some combat!

I don’t like the idea of a different nature for each class as much. Nature is something you are born with. A rouge learns to steal stuff for whatever reason, but was not born with that nature. And then you have the problem of multi-classing. How would you change the nature of a fighter who has (pardon the pun) gone rouge?

I really like the thread you linked and the idea of Inquisitors running around fighting the devil. Looks like it could make some interesting game play.

I think the idea of whether you class or your race is you nature is highly dependent on what you mean by D&D.
In old school D&D (first edition, AD&D, some parts of AD&D 2nd edition, and really 4th edition too) the focus was on you class. Multi classing was highly unusual, and your character was far more defined by class then by race. Class determined who you were, what you did and how you acted. There were basically no skills (proficiencies got added later), your skill set was determined by your class. If this is the goal then class should be nature, and race should be a trait.
If by D&D you mean later AD&D second edition (skills and powers era) , 3rd edition, 3.5, and pathfinder. Then the focus is on branching skill sets, prestige classes, and a bunch of other skill based system, In this cases I would make nature the character’s race, and their classes individual traits, and flavor with skills to taste.