Daemonic Traits

Lesser Daemons have a passle of traits. The interaction of three in particular is of interest to me. Law Breaker, Aura of Fear and Doppel Ganger.

If the Daemon is “going undercover” as a frail old granny, does she still cause pets to cower and small children to run screaming when she walks about town? Do the birds still fly backwards and warble in Fell Tongues when she feeds them bread crumbs in the park?

There does not seem to be any point in disguising oneself as someone if every time you walk into a room there is a crescendo of a death metal song roaring in the background.

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I tend to think that the Aura of Fear is “suppressed” in the other form. I also tend to run Lawbreaker as being pretty indirect. More and more signs appear the longer the daemon hangs around, but the frequency and range are unreliable, especially in a densely populated or high-trafficked area… Like a court. So pinpointing who’s the daemon can be a fun challenge, I think. (And one that spotting the Aura of Fear trait through Aura Reading would benefit from!)


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