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So I started burning my first Torchbearer character and wow this is awesome! (click on the links to see their character sheets):

Brugni (page 1 - page 2)
I had a couple of doubts while creating Brugni. While answering the Nature questions I had the options to increase Nature or replace 1 trait from my Home for Jaded; now, according to the idea I had for my character the most appropriate answer would have to replace the trait, but I had already replaced the Home trait before, so now I had to replace the trait I already had (and liked) for this one or answer the other way and increase my Nature. The replacement was optional, so I choose the trait option but didn’t replace the trait: now, what really bugged me was that in a game characterized for its hard choices I was between an answer that really favored me (increase Nature) or one that didn’t gave me anything at all (replace a trait for Jaded). Wouldn’t it be best if it had the option to ADD the trait also? I liked Jaded, but I preferred the “original” trait, and I think that it would had been great to have a character with Foolhardy (the original trait) and Jaded traits.

Another thing that really confused me was the Home choice: the wording kind of implies that the Home isn’t necessarily your birthplace, but all your Circles questions give the NPCs you relate to one skill from your Home. So for Brugni I wanted for him to call a human crossroads village his home, but his parents would have been from the dwarven halls, having dwarven skills. At the end I choose the dwarven Home and got on with it, but found the restriction kind of silly. An adventurer can meet a lot of people from different places.

I’m creating a Wizard now, so I’ll post it soon.


Calibast the Crimson Mage (page1 - page2)
Once again I felt the restrictions: this time I wanted to have a character with parents, mentor and enemy, but without a friend and following the rules I couldn’t since having no friends completely restricts you from answering the rest of the questions.

One cool thing I noticed was the change between the character approach: with a strong concept in mind you can really specialize the character in one direction but with a more background-approach the characters get more varied (mainly in it’s skills).

Also if your character is a Magician, it will probably have Magician parents.

Ronoban the Trustworthy (page1 - page2)
I don’t know where to find the Thief’s level benefits. I had this character in another D&D campaign, it was hilarious, the guy kept changing his tittle from Ronoban the Trustworthy to Ronoban the Gardener, to Ronoban the Herald, etc, etc. We where only two in players in the group, the other one being a (reluctant) Dwarf Paladin to which I lied all the time. I had a great time with this character, and also I think that reflects the whole “murderhobos” thing.

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Great character! I think when it comes to your home the intent is to limit characters allies to a single location. That “spotlight” will hopefully be on a different player for each town you travel to. Although I can see Brigni exactly how you described him. Thanks for the post.

Thank you for the feedback!

I updated the first post with Calibast a character I had for a short lived Dragonlance campaign I played a couple of years ago. I really love the spell names.

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BTW I changed the thread’s title cause I’m a f****g idiot.

Burning a thief :wink:

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The thief!

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in regards to your thief: i assume you mean plot-wise in the sense of plans and schemes in game, since that particular -wise is illegal per the rules (pg. 16).

How you dare accusing Ronoban the Trustworthy of such a crime?!

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