Dark Façade (skill song for Dark Elves)

Hi everybody! My campaign from this other post is still going on, and I wanted to create a skill to allow dark elves to pass unnoticed in human lands, bypassing the hefty obstacles for inconspicuous and disguise when dealing with members of other stocks.

Dark Façade:
This skill song allows the dark elf to be almost an expert in the art of disguise and illusion. It replaces both inconspicuous and disguise.

  • For inconspicuous, there’s no obstacle for trying to pass unnoticed among groups of humans and orcs.
  • For disguise, there are new stock obstacles: Elf/man, ob 2; elf/roden/troll, ob 4; elf/wolf, ob 6; elf/spider, ob 7.
  • Emulate Obscure Aura trait, ob 5.
  • Some general obstacles:
    +1 Ob when the spell is sung both in daylight and in an open space.
    +1 Ob if this melody has been already used against somebody.
    +1 Ob if target to be beguiled has already seen through your façade before.

When somebody sees through your façade for the first time, they roll steel.

This skill song would be added both to Deceiver and Liar lifepaths’ skill list.

Root: Will/Per
FoRKs: inconspicuous, disguise.
Skill type: Special
Tools: Yes. Expendable (except when emulating obscure aura trait).

Is this too much for a single skill song? I cut out the possibility of emulating the Phantasmagoria spell. Although I liked that effect, it might do for a spell song about illusion. Not too sure about Will/Per as a root, it looks like a good middle ground between inconspicuous and disguise’s roots, but another combination might be better.


Wow. Very cool.

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