Dark heather, weasel territories

What do you think about the weasels? Are they primarily hunters? Are they some kind of breeders? I know that it’s mentioned in the comics that they wanted to and to some extent have/had mice captive for breeding food but what is their primarily form of living? This might affect their society and what kind of resources they can muster. Even if the characters never see any of the inner weasel lands it also effects, for example, how much border patrols they might have and how much troops they can send as reinforcements if there’s suspicious activity going on on the wrong side of the border (yes, my player’s characters are really stirring up things for the moment, trying to free a lost patrol). Ofcourse it can also be a mix between the two forms or something else I haven’t thought of.

I like to keep them deep, dark, threatening and unknown…always up to no good. Kinda like, you need a reason this bad thing is happening? Weasels! As the game moves on, I’ll let what happens at the table fill in what the reasons were. Always nice to keep something a mystery until you realize how it really all fit in.

Kinda like the Cylons. “They have a plan…” What is it? Dunno. But, they have one! he he he! :slight_smile: