Darkest Dungeon

Since this spring, when I started playing Darkest Dungeon, I thought about somehow running it at a Tabletop. After a while, I got to thinking about Torchbearer; the grind and the tough nature of the game could really convey that dread and desperation that the game has…

It would be interesting to build the campaign along similar lines as the Darkest Dungeon setup; a fixed location with multiple adventuring areas and an overarching plot. The Town Phase seems a bit similar to the time spent between missions in Darkest Dungeon, though not as punishing.

Has anyone thought along the same lines? It feels like rules for firearms, and perhaps a reskin or remake of a few of the classes, would be pretty much the only thing required. Are there any unofficial attempts to make rules for firearms anywhere that I could get started with?

I am extremely interested in creating something like this as well, though i’ve just started dabbling into this system. If there are any resources, I’d love to hear about them.

There’s some serious Darkest Dungeon dev going on here: