Darkest Dungeons = Torchbearer videogame?

Has anyone else seen/played this game?

Gameplay feels soo familiar to Torchbearer…

It looks great. I’m so close to just pulling the trigger and buying it on Steam. You liking it?

This also might interest you: http://www.penny-arcade.com/news/post/2015/02/06/universals

The resemblence to Torchbearer is slim IMO.

It’s a grimdark creepy fantasy roguelike. It’s a fun game in my opinion, pretty addictive.

Perhaps I will grab this once I make it through Divinity.

It’s great. I’ve got about 30 hours in to it.

  1. It has “a grind”. The grind is mental and helps create an alignment of sorts for your stable of characters. When stress in the dungeon gets too high (torch burns low, traps, rough encounters with monsters) a character can either crack or rise to the occasion. If she cracks, then she can suffer one of many many quirks like paranoid, despondent, claustrophobic etc, these in turn can effect the morale of the rest of the party, when through speach bubbles, the characters are constantly saying either uplifting or demoralizing things to the rest of the party.

  2. It has a torchbearer camp mechanic. During a camp phase of a dungeon characters can use what amounts to traits and instincts to reduce the grind, or lift spirits or the abilities of other characters

  3. It has the town phase. You do not want to head back to town suffering from the grind and penniless (hat tip: you will return to town suffering from th grind and penniless). It took me 4 or 5 delves to even clear a small ruin and by this time my party was bickering and mostly insane from the the stress.

  4. Permadeath. There are no saved games and character death is permanent. What happens happens for good or bad. I lost a character I really liked (btw, the character classes are awesome).

It’s like if torchbearer and LotFP had a baby and made a side scrolling rogue-like with a complex town and camp phase that used the grind system to really add personality to the characters in your party.

Oh. And you have a dungeon master narrating many of the actions. (To say nothing of the incredible art direction).

Yup. Plays and feels like Torchbearer with a hint of Sorcery! or Hand of Fate.