For the loose conversion I’m doing (which I will share when it’s done), I statted up a “Darkmantle”.

Might: 1
Nature: 2 (Lurking/Strangling/Ambushing)
Conflict Types
Flee: 5 (M: Darkness +1D)
Drive Off: 3 (A: Tentacles +1s)
Kill: 3 (M: Darkness +1D, A: Tentacles +1s)

Instinct: Always target the lights first
Special: Darkmantles can see in the dark. If a Darkmantle uses Darkness to successfully maneuver in a Conflict it may use 3 MoS to “disarm” an active light source, affecting it as per the “Blessing of Darkness” p.52)

I think I remember darkmantles being solitary… If that’s true, maybe you should raise the Nature a little?

“Solitary, pair, clutch (3-9), or swarm (6-15)”

But really, it’s just a re-skinned Giant Bat that has a Darkness trick, so that’s where the numbers come from. :slight_smile: