Considered the sister city to Port Sumac, Darkwater sits within a deeper bay and acts as the primary importing and exporting hub for east-west trading in the territories.

Location / Structure

Built within the confines of rocky beach, Darkwater is somewhat remote and serene thanks in part to the pine and cedar trees that grow along the waterways. The town’s buildings and vast mouse-made harbor are also constructed from pine and cedar, giving it a pleasent and woodsy aroma year round.




Darkwater is governed by six mice known as the Harbor Council. These mice are elected every winter and may serve on the council until the next election takes place. A mouse may not serve consecutive terms on the council, but may serve more than once. This ensures a fair distribution of views and ideas within the ruling body, as well as allowing mice to practice their selected trades and professions outside of politics. The Harbor Council almost always includes an advisor from Lockhaven which expresses their appreciation for the Guard and all their efforts at bettering the territories.

Major Trades

Much like Port Sumac, Darkwater is home to a wide variety of laborers, merchantmice, and skilled artisans. Most any trade or profession that could benefit the shipping and harbor industry thrives, as well as an accomplished school of weather watching. Darkwater also trains and maintains an impressive number of city and harbor guards known as the Cedar Guard. Many younger mice learn what they can from the Cedar Guard before making the journey to Lockhaven in hopes of joining the Mouse Guard.

Import / Export

It can be said that all types of goods pass through Darkwater at some point and time. Of exceptional note are Darkwater’s weather watchers, nautical services in the form of ships and crew, and even the servicemice trained by the Cedar Guard.


Mice from the town of Darkwater may select the following during recruitment:

Skills: Boatcrafter, Fighter, Laborer, Weather Watcher

Traits: Rational, Weather Sense

Well done, Nocturn. I especially like the addition of the recruitment; I didn’t think to do that. Here’s my take on Darkwater…

Darkwater is a major shipping city. It’s the water gateway to Port Sumac, Calogero and Rustleaf and is the costal trade hub to the western Territories.

Darkwater is securely nestled in the vast, deep root system of an immense willow tree that grows in an eroded bank on the southwest shores of a bay in the north lake. The tree’s arching, draping branches droop low to the water’s surface (and sometimes below), creating an umbrella of cover and casting a perpetual shadow on the water underneath (thus bestowing the town’s namesake). This natural canopy also affords protection and allows Darkwater a boast a harbor bustling with activity.



The Harbor Master has supreme authority in Darkwater and holds office so long as the town’s larders (both money and supplies) hold a surplus (checked annually during the winter). A deficit (or not enough profit, in some cases) calls for the election of a new Harbor Master in the Spring. This vote is taken by the Craft, Merchant, and Trade guilds. The guilds’ also have a strong influence in the day-to-day operations of the city, which allows them to sway policy and law in addition to choosing their own leader.

Major Trades
Woodworking (wicker), Boatcrafter, Weaver, Scientists, dockworks, large labor force

Darkwater imports pottery, glassware, and dyes. It also relies on others for its grain supply and worked metal goods. The coast city exports its wicker materials (baskets and furniture) and clothing (particularly winter attire), which is woven from silky white fibers found in the tree’s fruit. The city also exports a variety of fertilizers; particularly, a costly extract known as auxin, which allows two separate plants to be grown from one seed.