Data Guard-Developing a Ghost in the Shell-inspired variant

I’ve been thinking about a ‘ten minutes in the future’ cyberpunk setting using the Mouse Guard rules, inspired by Shadowrun and Ghost in the Shell. Basically, the ‘Data Guard’ is a secret group of hacker-soldier-heroes. The Data Guard is equipped with spinal data ports, but not other kinds of cyberization like in Ghost in the Shell: none of the public even knows cyberization is possible, so the guard uses minimal implants. Guards try to fight for what’s right, and keep the threats of terrorism and espionage at bay, but the orders they are given are anonymous and they do not know the identities of any of their higher ups.

So far I think I’ve figured out the change for nature:

Nature is replaced with Sync, or Synchronicity
Sync represents how a guard agent’s brain has adapted to cyberization: A higher score means they are highly skilled to interfacing with computers but start to lack social skills and act in an inhuman way, and a lower score means they are less adapted to using computers but act more like a mundane human.

Sync descriptors are: Synchronizing, Hacking, and Programming
Synchronizing: Two or more guards can interface via data ports to share mission information directly between their brains. Doing so is a good way to transfer information secretly. Intercepting the conversation or data shared during a synchronization is impossible without directly bugging an agent’s data port.
Hacking: A guard can use his data interface to break into existing computer systems.
Programming: A guard can use his data interface’s attached hyperprocesser to translate his thoughts into new programs or viruses that he can send out over his data port.

Anyone have other ideas for something like this?