Dawnrock Settlement

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Dawnrock is a bustling seaside trade port. The port is part of a major trade route with the city of Rustleaf, supplying crucial far away imports to the towns of Whitepine, Thistledown, and Elmwood. Its mice are loud and unapologetic, but you’d be pressed to have a better mouse by your side on the open sea.

Location/Structure: The port city is located on a cliff, its tower made of a mix of reflective stone and mysterious glowing stone that slightly glows at night, earning the town’s name sake of bringing the dawn. The city itself is nestled under a siltstone outcropping and around thatch of smooth shadbush. The town itself sits on the shelf, while the port rests around the shadbush, sheltered and secure.

Size : City

Government : Dawnrock is ruled by a mayor who rotates between three merchant houses every five years. A council made up of the three houses determine the laws of the port, set the taxes and perform other administrative duties. Each house has a group of militia mice which serve as guard for the town, but act more like a gang. The previous house in charge’s gang always has authority in the streets over the other two houses.

For the most part, when a gang is in charge (called the righteous gang), they tries to curry favor with the local citizens in order to maintain more control of the city, but local gang fights or “mash ups” can happen from time to time, mainly right before a switch in power.

Major Trades : Dawnrock is inhabited by families of laborers, boatcrafters, insectrists, merchantmice, and their most important business fishing. Dawnrock ships are the sturdiest boats in the territories and their sailors the hardiest. This is not by accident, as they brave the deep waters of the North Sea to pull in giant fish. One fish can provide enough in profit to keep a ship and its crew happy for a month.

Import / Export : The town imports a variety of goods—cloth, metal, wood, and grains are of primary importance. It exports its services in the shipping trade, but it’s famous for its fish scale armor, oil, and fish delicacies.

Skills : Boatcrafter, Fish-wise, Insectrist

Traits : Extrovert, Sea Legs


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