Dead GMFONs and Scene Economy

The GMFON for the first phase of our game was executed at the end of Infiltration. What happens with her scenes now? Do I only get two conflict/building scenes per maneuver, or can I use “hers” for something else?

Ouch! She’s out of play, so are her scenes. What’s your phase objective for the Usurpation? Maybe you could use it to create another FoN for the Invasion to strengthen your hand.

A similar event has happened for me in the middle of Usurpation! I’m just glad the NPC wasn’t the FON for this phase. Still, the loss has definitely at the very least slowed the Vaylen momentum. It’s amazing the difference one helping die can make in the Maneuver roll.

Is this true even if the players’ objective in the first phase wasn’t Force FoN Out of Play?

In Usurpation I’m shooting to switch the primary government to Theocracy, hoping my Archcotare FoN will survive to rule the dying planet during invasion. I’m tired of the players being in charge of the world!

If you can force one out, why can’t you bring in a new one? The Phase Objectives described in the book are examples, not a complete list.

Taking charge of the planet seems like a worthy goal, though!