Deadly Precision shade

So Deadly Precision days “Use his skill exponent in place of his Power stat when factoring IMS…”

Questions three:

What’s the IMS if the skill is gray or white?

What’s the IMS if Power is gray or white?

What is the IMS if the weapon is gray or white?

Let’s assume magical superior spear (power 2), spear skill exponent 6, power stat 2


BWG P464 “To do gray shade damage, you need either gray shade fists or a gray shade weapon.”

So with Deadly Presision…
Superior Spear [+2], Skill G6, Pow 2 - IMS 4/8/12
Magical Spear [+2, Gray weapon], Skill G6, Pow 2 - IMS G4/G8/G12

am I right with my numbers here?

Does one not add 2 to the IMS if power is gray? I would assume the same for deadly precision if the skill is gray.

Also, does one have the same required DoF roll if the skill involved is gray? It doesn’t make sense but it does say that the skill is used in place of strength.

The description is very clear. There is no mention of shade. It it substitutes exponent only. Which is why “skill exponent” is in italics. #dbi

Yay. We have our official ruling.

So you use the shade of Power since its only replacing exponent? Since there is no PTSG for just a number.

No, you use the shade of the weapon. If you have gray power, gray Sword, precision training and even a magical spirit blade (black shade), the IMS is black.

Sure it’s the weapon’s shade that determines the damage, but the rules also state that if you have grey power you add 2 to the IMS, so that still applies. The shade of the skill never comes into it, however.

So the final outcome is [weapon shade] [skill exponent + weapon power +2 if Pow is grey]