Dealing with data

(Ludifex) #1

My players have founded a MRCZ dedicated to protecting other Freemers memories and secrets, so we’re seeing a lot of flooding/bleeding challenges. I’m having a hard time figuring out data. Once data is data, it’s just generic, right? It doesn’t have any tags or identifying marks? Is each piece of data about something?

For example, I bleed a memory from someone and convert it to data. Can I later flood that same piece of data into him as a completely different concept? Can I take that data and squirt it to the rest of the station as that guy’s memory? It just seems strange that converting something to data removes all identifying…data from it.

(samwise) #2

Offtopic, but very interested - how do they protect memories?

(Luke Wheel) #3

Right. Data is data. It’s not a single line of code. It’s A LOT of information, so it can be manipulated.

That said, if you establish that a piece of data means something, you should remain within those conceptual bounds.