Dean Westchester, Traveling Hunter

With the release of the Paladin and the wonderful write up for the included trait, I had to make this character (even though I promised myself I’d only make and post one character on here. Moldbreaker I guess…)

Name: Dean Westchester
Stock: Human
Class: Paladin
Level: 1
Alignment: Lawful
Age: 21
Raiment: Comfortable traveling clothes, with black leather armor fashioned into a jacket

Home: Religious Bastion
Parents: John & Mary Westchester (Deceased/Orphan)
Mentor: Bobby (Survivalist)
Friend: Cas Teal (Theologian)
Enemy: Alistair the Cruel

Belief: Only I have the skills to defend this land
Instinct: Always salt and burn the bodies of the deceased

Allies and Additional Enemies:

Will: 3
Health: 5
Nature: 5 (Human - Boasting, Demanding, Running)

Circles: 4
Resources: 0

Fighter 3
Orator 4
Rider 3
Survivalist 4
Theologian 2
Ritualist 2
Scholar 1

Wises: Demon-wise
Traits: Feared in Hell 1, Defender 2



Neck: Silver Pendant (1D Treasure Value)

Sword (Carried 1)
Shield (Carried 1)

Backpack (2)
Black Leather Jacket (Armor) (1)


Pouch: Holy Water (Pack 1)


Skin: Beer (Full)

Black Leather Hiking Boots (Worn)

Backpack Contents:
Rope (2)
Torches 3 (1 slot)
Rations, Fresh 3 (Pie) (1 slot)

Mwaha! I love it!

my rendition

That’s awesome!

Thanks damiller :slight_smile:


Nice pic. Can’t help noticing your style has changed dramatically in these last few drawings. As a fellow artist I’m curious as to why? Did you feel the more stylized and less realistic past drawings didn’t fit with the tone of the game? Or just trying something new for the exercise of it? Inquiring minds!

@aequusRPG - I’ve been working on some art for Cartoon Action Hour kickstarter, and I am really getting a kick out of looking at Alex Toth’s model sheets and those have inspired me to draw in that animated style (hope that comes through) and I think it fits too. Besides “variety is the spice of life” and while I enjoy the cartoony ones, I like this style too!


The style reminds me of old 60s cartoons, like in Jonny Quest’s opening credits.