Death and Compromises: Disposition Tied at Zero on Same action

Patrol Vs Hawk.

Hawk Goal: Kill and Eat a Mouse
Patrol Goal: Kill or Drive off the Hawk.

Both Parties got dropped to Zero on the same Action.

I described it as the Mortally Wounded Hawk carrying off the member of the Patrol that took the last action. Basically the “Left for Dead” option for both halves of the Conflict. The Hawk had been wounded several times, Once quite badly, the Mouse hadn’t been wounded at all.

So the short question is: Did I do that right? Do I (eventually) bring the Patrol member back?

One thing you could do is kill them both because they both got to their goals in the same time (while flying with the mouse in his gloves, hawk falls down due to his injuries and kills both of them.)

Or you could bring the patrol member back alive somehow but then the hawk should have something else to eat (a innocent villager or someone’s friend)

This is where it’s headed right now. Both fly into the sunset never to be seen again.

Yea, so to rephrase the question in game mechanics terms. Did both parties achieve their Goal at the same time, or did both parties achieve a Major Compromise at the same time?

I checked this from rule book and in page 115 (1st edition) it states that: “If both sides are reduced to zero disposition in the same action, the conflict is a tie. Both sides accomplish their goals. This is a very dangerous outcome!”

And the example from the same page is really similar to your case: “If Lieam and the snake had reduced each other to 0 disposition on the same action, the conflict would have been a tie. In this case, they both could have died. It would have been a dramatic and heroic end to the redfur!”

Oh, I had forgot that! Excellent, that pretty much answers the question definitively. Thanks!