Death Art One Shot

I have been trying to invent a convention scenario centering around Death Art. I’m trying to get a key situation driven by important characters in conflict with each other. So far it’s just a set of beliefs that can hopefully grow into something better. My worry is that a character like the King might just die at the start.

Vizier/Death Witch:
The King is dying, I will make him my undead puppet and rule this land myself.
The Princess is far too canny, I will contrive tasks to occupy her.
As my apprentice the Prince knows too much, I will sabotage his knowledge.

The King:
I am dying. I will make my will known that the princess should succeed me for the good of the kingdom.
I am dying. I will escape this fate by the magicks of my vizier, I will ensure her expertise is respected as I grow weaker.
My son is power-hungry and stupid, I need to show him he has value beyond his dark power.

The Prince/Apprentice:
The vizier doesn’t understand her own power, I will turn myself into a Lich to show her and rule forever.
My father will be corrupted by the vizier’s magicks I will ensure he is free from ensorcellment.
I need my sister to protect me while I grow weaker from the poisons I ingest, I will show her the benefits of my power.

The Princess:
The Vizier is not to be trusted, she plans to kill my father and place my brother on the throne.
My brother’s magic is evil, I will show him evidence so that he will give it up.
My father is a good man and I will amplify his will as he grows weaker.

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