Decreasing Maximum Nature?

I’m aware of the rule on page 233.

“If your Nature is taxed, instead of
waiting to recover, you can choose to
reduce your current maximum rating.
When you reduce your current rank by one,
restore one point of tax.”

However, for some odd reason I had latched onto the idea that when you tax your Nature down to zero your maximum nature is reduced by one. Now that I’ve read the rules again I’ve stopped that train of thinking, but now I’m concerned if the rule on page 233 is the only way of decreasing maximum Nature. Are there any other methods of decreasing the max nature of the players?

Now I could be wrong, but isn’t there likewise a rule saying that if your Nature ever hits 0 (or 7) you’ve got to retire for at least a Winter? I’m pretty sure that’s the active Nature score, so letting the temporary Nature hit zero would be a bad idea, wouldn’t it?

You are correct bit it is not necessarily bad, especially if I have a character who I would love to forcibly retire due to frustrations with the Guard. My issue is that it seems that the character will never reach that point of Maximum Nature 0 unless they do it voluntarily, fully knowing that their character will be unavailable for play for a long while. That’s fine with me and with what I want to do with my character, but I’m a bit surprised that there’s only one method of decreasing one’s Nature and it’s so obvious to the other players that the player wants to force the character to 0 Nature. The slide downward is nice and good for the dramatic twists that lead to the conclusion I desire, but every other player will catch on once I hit that 1/1 Nature step.

My GM is excited about this outcome, as am I, since it’ll have dramatic effects on the group and the group has already been talking OOC about the possibility of said character leaving the Guard, but I want it to work out mechanically rather than simply stating that the mouse leaves abruptly and doesn’t come back for a long time. Hence the question about how else this situation could be handled.

Be sure to read the rules for Nature 0 on pages 234 and 235.

YES! YES! I KNEW IT! Knowledge gained from a simple re-read. I am no longer confuzzled! Alright, off to present this and clear out some kinks. Thanks!