Deep Sleeper trait's pricing

Deep Sleeper trait costs 3pts in Gold. I don’t know what it was priced in Revised (or Classic), but the MonBu’s Trait Burner chapter seems to say “futzy die traits are 2pts”.

Bookworm or Tough are still 2pts die traits in Gold. Even when Deep Sleeper seems like just a “for fun” trait, you’re giving the character some obvious disadvantages…
Ambushed by night? Earthquake? Your igloo is on fire?

Just curious why. And making 3LP elf with 2 free pts.

I believe it’s +1 for PITA.


I believe it’s +1 because it also doubles as a character trait that can make life tough and earn you some fate. (And believe me, being a deep sleeper can really cause some problems in one’s life!)