Defensive options during connection

I’m currently in a game (my first), playing a professional career Psychologist. I am connected to another Psychologist, who has turned out to be on the side of the enemy.

To be clear, I have HIS connection die, and he DOES NOT have mine.

As I am the biggest Psychological threat to him in the system (probably), he is not going to take his die back, keeping our connection. We are very separated in space (he’s on his Hammer Cruiser, I am on planet).

I’m just trying to make clear what my options are. After careful re-reading of the Psychology chapter:

We can each initiate communication, speak to each other, read each other’s surface thoughts, and use Psy’y as a skill to read each other as per the “Psy’y as a Skill” rules - and all of these across any distance.

He can hear the words I speak, though I can’t hear his unless he desires it (fat chance).

He can attempt to Hinder me through the connection, as in the “Hindrance” section, and if he does so when I am in a conflict, I can use any compromises I win from the outcome of the conflict to start a follow-on conflict, before he regains his Barrier. I cannot Hinder him.
Can this follow-on conflict be a Psychic Duel, even if we are not in each other’s presence physically?

He can attempt to Lock me through the connection. I can’t Lock him, but I add my Barrier to my Will for his Obstacle.

He can initiate a Psychic Duel at any time, as his conflict scene. Until we get within line of sight of each other, I can’t initiate a Psychic Duel with him.

Since he cannot “block” my communication, any more than I can block his, I can initiate a DoW and set as my stakes the cessation of his connection with me.

Have I missed anything?

Yup. You’ve pretty much got it.

One thing: I interpret that you can initiate Psychic Duels with each other as conflicts regardless of your presence. You’re both connected after all. But I can see how you’d say that only he can initiate the duel.

He definitely has an advantage over you, but you’re not without your defenses. You can keep your barrier strong until you can get close to him – and stab him in the face. Or you could let your barrier down and bait him into a duel and then slam him with clever planning, a sweet objective, good actions and lucky rolling!


1st of all, you have a relationship with the dude. i won’t stop you from calling him to a meeting in person. it’s just going to be on his terms.

2ndly, the Justicar gave salvagebar’s character a connection die, but there was no die returned. it’s technically a one-way connection. you can’t lock or hinder the guy, i don’t see why you’d be able to psychcic duel him from long range (though you could DoW him). i’d argue that the original interpertation stands.

but yes, it’s going to come to a conflict soon - can’t wait…

Excellent. I am fine with either interpretation, I just needed a ruling so I could make plans accordingly.

Let the knife-sharpening commence!