Degrees of compromises

Hello again!

My group needs help with the degrees of compromises. I’ve read the rules on page 116, but I can’t find anything about a situation when a team lost more than a half but less than a few points of disposition. If starting dispo 7 is reduced to 3 points or 9 is reduced to 3-4, which degree of compromise would that be? Or, in other words, how many is “all but a few”?


Personally we figured it out just shy of the disposition. It’s not exact but with smaller dispositions it’s one off while larger dispositions are 2-3 away. I’d say dispositions of 5 or less were 1 away. Up to 9 were two away and 3 for larger dispositions

With practice I think the group also gets a sense for how hard you worked and what appropriate compromises come out of the fiction so it’s all fairly blurry.


Just use the compromise condition for half.