Deliver the Mail - Kidnapped by weasels

Good afternoon!

I am relatively new to Mouse Guard and a new member of this forum.
Last day I played “Deliver the Mail” with some friends . It was tough for their mice to fight against the raven, cause their patrol contains only two tenderpaws and one Guardmouse. But they delivered every single mail and helped the carpenter to find grandmothers rocking chair. But they got kidnapped by some mean weasels in Walnutpeck.

Now I think about a further mission.
My idea is that the raven stole a important thing (map of Lockhaven or other cities?!) of the weasels. The mice know the location of the bird’s nest. If the mice escort the weasels to the nest, they will set them free. I think, this mission is very interesting, because there are a lot of conflicts: Shall the mice help the weasels to get free? What is the stolen thing? From where they got the map? Belong the map to one of their enemies? and so on.

How do you think about this idea. Do you have another suggestion for a further mission? Let’s brainstorm!

Awesome! You’ve got the right idea—the results of the previous mission should lead directly into the next mission. I’ve never heard of a mission briefing coming from a weasel before, but it’s absolutely great under the right circumstance, which this is.


I like it. You should have a very interesting run with that mission. The twists and complications could end up in many different ways. Let us know how it turns out.

Thanks a lot! I’ve tried to combine the aspect with the enemy, raven and weasel in some way.

I think we will play one day in september and then I will give you a short report :slight_smile:

I’ve got some ideas for the mission:

Slave of the weasels:
Escort a group of weasels through the overgrown borderland to the nest of the big bad raven near Gilpledge and recover the missing object.
The missing item is a detailed map of Lockhaven, which is drawn by an enemy of the Mouse Guard.

Mission Obstacles:
[ul][li]Wilderness: Ob 5 Pathfinder (A short Journey, overgrown (From walnutpack to Gilpledge)). Or I could present a Conflict (Journey) against summer (But I am not sure of it, because it could get too difficult for these unexperienced guardmice.
[/li][li]Animal: Conflict against the bad raven. (The weasels will form a second team in this conflict with the goal to recover their map)
[ul][li]Summer Weather: Heatwave Ob 3 Health.
[/li][li]Weasel: Conflict (e.g.: If they don’t defeat the raven, the weasels could get angry with the mice and attack them or they could scout the raven like in the adventure before)[/ul]
[/li]Do you have some more good ideas? Please help me;-)

After the weasels recover the map, they will leave the mice alone and the “Player’s Turn” begins.

Player’s Turn:
[ul][li]Get the map! Conflict Chase/Fight/Arguement are possible options. (The weasels would never give them the map by arguing! But they could tell them the name of the cartographer, cuase they don’t care of a mouse)
[/li][li]If they got the map or figured out who drawn the map, they could search for the traitor.
[/li][li]Inform Lockhaven about the map.

The traitor is a mouse who hates the guard deeply for something the mice must find out :wink: (I have to think about it. Maybe he has a similar motivation like the leader of the Axe army in the comic). He is only a simple marionette of the weasels. The devious weasels plan to assassinate Gwendolyn by using a well hidden tunnel system to enter Lockhaven (That could be a thrilling continuing adventure?!). The overlord hopes that the guard will fall, if Gwendolyn dies.

What do you make of this adventure? The adventure gives the players and the storyline a lot of options and it lets much space for surprising twists and interesting and improvisations.
Do you have some inspiriting tips and ideas? What would you do differently?

This might be closing the gate long after the cows have run off, but another thing you could think about is recovering an item that constitutes a severe security breach for Lockhaven or another mouse settlement (maybe it is a list of the settlement’s defenses, guard rotation schedules, weapon and/or food stores, etc.). This item, when recovered, if handed over into the Weasel’s paws would cause BAD things to happen. This would force the guardmice to scheme to either keep or destroy the item before it falls into the weasel’s paws. This could generate more conflict. If the mice decide to take the hard road and choose death before dishonor (“We will not give this item to folk such as you! We would rather die! Retrieve this map at your peril from our dead, blood soaked paws!”). Seems like a neat idea and another layer of conflict.