Delivering Scraps of Mail

Well, I finally was able to run my first session of MG! We played delivering the mail from the book and it went pretty well. My throat was a bit hoarse after playing it, and I highly recommend lots of water, juice, or tea.

I had three players and two used characters from the scenario, with one straying a bit to play Saxon. It worked well enough and everyone was glad we played that way instead of making characters as two of the players were brand new to the game.

Some of the beliefs, instincts, and goals were modified to better suit the players, but I didn’t hammer on them as much as I would’ve liked due to me trying to get used to the overall system. I’m looking forward to any new sessions so that I can emphasis them more.

They failed the initial pathfinder test, leading them to the log and the raven. The conflict here took up the bulk of the playing time, and I was advising them as much as possible to where they could get extra dice through teamwork, gear, spending points, etc. I figured that since they were new this would be a good idea.

They really took to the teamwork rules like a duck to water, but I had to slow them down and almost force them to tell me HOW they are helping the other character to do something, as they were assuming the extra dice without earning it through narration. We did run into a problem where the help that they were describing were the same things over and over, such as throwing rocks at the raven to distract it while the spotlighted character did the main action. I don’t remember if there’s a mechanic to keep the narrations varied, but I tried to simply ask for it: “Hey, how about something a little different this time?”

All in all a good time, although we were a bit tired by the time we got to the Player’s turn and they didn’t have a huge investment in the pregens, so they were at a bit of a loss as to what they should spend their checks on. Luckily there were a few loose ends from the GM’s turn.

Ok, I’m tired and hungry myself. I need to spend one of my checks since my parents are far away.